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The ownership of Gold in the hands of the civic is an inconvenient detail for Government. It is an embarrassment, a measuring-stick of the capability of Congress and of the Executive pole to oversee the affairs of the pastoral Gold bequeath soon be confiscated and removed from flexible trading in the market, moderate as happened immediately after Franklin Roosevelt was sworn into office as President about 75 years ago

No Gold, No Market, No Candlesticks

No Gold, No Market, No Candlesticks

Investors and traders own enthusiasm been accustomed to the convenience of price charts of stocks, Indexes, and commodities. Today, in computer present if not yet generally in commercially-available printed charts, the Japanese Candlestick arrangement of charge presentation reveals much supplementary data than old-style barricade charts, especially in connection with the stack psychology which underlies remuneration moves Stock prices, of course, are available for manifest in this mode So are Forex charts and those of the commodities, as well including the charts of Gold.

The charts are so confidential to us by now that they donate us comfort They are a ready passage when analyzing our hold investments as well as the fee movements of the varying financial kit The chart narrative is on or approaching our desks, within arms reach. Weve grown accustomed to its face

But soon, object will be lost The chart narrative consign not be the twin at all. A helper measuring-stick bequeath be recent The charts of Gold commit be there no longer

What do I mean, they consign be there no longer? Well, they cede be there no longer because Gold bequeath be removed from trading.

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Gold? Removed from trading? What superiority of drivel is that?

The answer is, Gold consign be removed from trading because Gold in the hands of the populace is a risk to the designs and perceived needs of the money government The free remuneration of Gold stands as a measuring-stick of the honesty, performance, and credibility of the supervisor and legislative branches of government; and it tends to rack in the style of printing dollars at cede in edict to solve problems which government has itself created or has enabled to arise For centuries, Gold has been, and it idle is, the one asset against which fiat money and the value of all other reserves is measured; and it is one of the few money assets which is not attended by a alike liability. It is Money, the Ultimate Money

Gold in the hands of the federal is an Inconvenient Truth for Government. It is a nuisance and an embarrassment. One of Franklin Roosevelts very top actions upon obtaining office the blessing circumstance was to express that private ownership of Gold was criminal He confiscated peoples Gold His declaration had teeth, including prison and dire fines. It was many decades before the mountebank motivation which was used in direction to justify the seizure could no longer be sustained, whereupon the peoples improve to posses Gold was restored to them Of course, they had that remedy all along; it had plainly been stolen from them all those years

In these perilous times, with Lehman Brothers bankrupt, Merrill Lynch disappearing into Bank of America, and an ponderous bailout overture about to be submitted to Congress which almost naturally entrust result in the cosmos of dollars out of spare tune and the devaluation of the dollars in the wallets and bank accounts of the citizenry ownership of Gold in private hands entrust become further inconvenient to the central government than ever It bequeath keep to be removed from circulation so that other devaluation of the dollar can be masked and so that the bailout process can emerge without this feisty little terrier called Gold nipping at the Treasury Departments ankles.

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Your Gold coins entrust be seized from you Trading in Gold bequeath disappear We leave no longer be able to see Gold prices displayed in Candlestick arrangement or in any supplementary way; because there will be no market

Thats my prediction And the day is not far off.

William Kurtz September 21, 2008

By Hong