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I ran across an . instance “We worked in those mines, waiting for our prosperous years. Well, now it’s our golden years, and it’s done nothing but cost us gold This is no routine to live.”Th

Going for the Gold!

Going for the Gold!

I ran across an interesting propose recently: “We worked in those mines, waiting for our prosperous years. Well, now it’s our palmy years, and it’s done nil but charge us gold This is no fashion to live”Those awful speech came from Jack Beeson, a retired uranium miner, who was testifying before the U.S Congress While Mr Beeson was referring specifically to money in his quote, it occurred to me that his speech logical as equally applied to life itself and our typical search of happiness. Think about it. How many kin do you sense who are toiling, struggling, suffering through their daily lives hoping for — no: WAITING FOR — a few golden years at the end? How many family business so laborious to provide for their “golden years” that they lass the detail that each and every day is precious in and of itself? How many of us ignore the gold in our “todays” so that we can mine our “tomorrows” of their potential? What guarantees do we own that we’ll make it to tomorrow? Or that we’ll procure to enjoy all the “gold” that we recycle along the way? Please, move the situation to enjoy your moments as they come Plan for the future, sure, but don’t put off living well TODAY for the hope of living revise TOMORROW Each of your days is filled with riches Each day is a jewel of its own! Go for the gold in your life TODAY and, all too soon, you’ll posses a lifetime of prosperous years to enjoy forever .

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