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Topin is quiescent biased towards the pillar installed market

Who lives in the West Second Ring Road South, Guo experienced navigator “mistakes”, she once driving their have car from Quantas

Topin is still biased towards the post installed market

Topin is quiescent biased towards the pillar installed market

Reporters visited the market sells a variety of GPS manoeuvring is very large, in adjunct to fresh traditional MP3 and MP4 playback, some GPS further with the Andrews operating system, you can game, Internet, and even stocks.Read more

Asia-Pacific Auto Parts City, a car pattern technician Mr Pang uttered that navigation products is, in the closing analysis, to provide users with accurate navigation services is fundamental, which is most esteemed to keep admireable GPS module and professional mapping software, including the pros and cons of the navigation map essential, ring size chart, some directing products currently on the vend are pirated maps, some products use a map and even the map is not updated in several years, when the navigation is manageable because the announcement errors caused by the failing of guidance causing losses to customers and even move a serious accident

Who lives in the West Second Ring Road South, Guo experienced navigator “mistakes”, she once driving their obtain car from Quanta Road entering Furuta Road, the middle of the junction is a fence, can not turn left, while the The car’s GPS navigator is aphorism “turn left in prompt of” Guo said, Fortunately, hasty response, almost causing an accident

“Car GPS products currently on the doorstep fish, and portable GPS products cottage rampant, the highest ground is that there is no complete the applicable industry standards.” Relevant comrade in impeach of Shenzhen, a car GPS gadget manufacturers in the interview with this reporter, he pointed out that because Car GPS products in the peddle has matured, a figure of industry standards and regulations needs to be improved to further adjust the level market.

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February 24, the Ministry of Industry issued the “2012 Annual Party and government organs of national service vehicles used models directory (draft)”, the selected models, without exception, all its keep car brand Autonomous cistern procurement catalog of validated vehicles leave be able to supplementary shock the ripening of its own brand vehicles Dedicated car automotive electronics, gathered in a joint job brand models After landing in this draft, the special dedicated automotive electronics manufacturers cede intensify efforts to mature self-models Special car DVD guidance companies cede usher in a new compass of maturation opportunities , HC automotive electronics selected other than 20 car DVD pilotage manufacturers access to investigate the attitudes of the solicitation of

Fuzhou car audio steering brand song Air interview Benwang, spoken the song Air product column to the joint business brands consign merge their specialized superiority, keep to choose conventional car camera models of development. Song Airlines interpretation of this attitude, Song Airlines is idle biased towards the aftermarket, a joint business model foreign brand models posses different CAN bus technology and agreement program. The song Air in the future or according to their posses technology, the maturation of conventional models, which idle is a joint work brand models

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