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Production applications and special features of biotin

Biotin was originally called vitamin H, belonging to the issue of water-soluble B vitamins. Biotin is composed by the imidazole orb and a tetrahydrocannabinol with valerate It is the thiophene sulfur monocarboxylate Nutritionists hold wholesale and in-depth scan in functions of biotin.

Production applications and special features of biotin

Production applications and special features of biotin

Glucokinase is a interpretation enzyme regulating liver glucose intake The want of biotin in mice glucose tolerance investigation curve, hepatic glucose phosphorylation and glycogen storage was significantly higher than non-deficient mice, which is caused by liver glucokinase work Sufficient quantities and pharmacological doses of biotin in the diet of liver glucokinase task and is not partial to biotin-deficient mice, diabetic mice and in vitro cultured mouse liver cells are equally effective Using molecular biology techniques can prove that the inspiration originate of biotin occurs at the transcriptional level

Biotin as a coenzyme of the carboxylase, ring size chart, can moreover modulate gene expression, such as development and resistant style processes in the item plays a broader role The biotin regulates the spell of explanation genes of intermediary metabolism that role and biological factors involved in the prolongation of phenomenon glucose and lipid homeostasis role of Biotin absence and to blunt glucose tolerance and glucose utilization Excess of biotin can refine diabetes station Supplementary biotin reduced the postprandial glucose concentration in patients with hereditary diabetic mice and induced non-insulin-dependent diabetic mice improved their glucose tolerance.

Pharmacological doses of biotin can reduce blood lipid levels The cosmetic crude related suppliersexperiments show that sanitary volunteers lipid concentration decreased after oral administration of biotin Atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia patients daily doses of 5 mg of biotin, the dilute of hypercholesterolemia after 4 weeks Biotin in the role of the carbohydrate metabolism and its pharmacological doses of non-toxic, showing biotin for the treatment of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, obesity prevention and further aspects bequeath own vast application prospects

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Animal physiology, animal biochemistry, immunology and fresh disciplines, kinsfolk preserve to distinguish the biological function of the nutrients In bygone decades the inspect of biotin, biotin plays an important role in proof function, and tend the excrescence of unsusceptible organs Early tests showed that biotin deficiency, combined with 32P into RNA and DNA was inhibited, resulting in the DNA subject of the spleen cell reft talent and organ spurn in cell proliferation was inhibited

Biotin can correct animal achievement in production. It is furthermore used in the treatment of human diabetes. To date, research on movement engine of biotin is already underway As kinsfolk gradually own deep rapport of the biotin, biotin as an indispensable additive in animal nutrition, the increasing roles commit gradually be revealed It can be predicted that biotin has a broader application in the forging of animal, human health care and sore care.Source:http://wwwcosprmcom

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